Some of my favourite places to shop, some of which are online

I love, love pretty things.  I don't know it's because I have three (nearly typed four) sons and the smell of testosterone is sometimes overwhelming but I like pretty things.  My best mate Carol is the one with whom I choose to go shopping.  We see the same things.  We love a rummage and we hate clothes shopping.  Once we went to Newry, just for a wander, and ended up packing my poor beetle to the gills.  Full window boxes, pieces of furniture, kids stuff, more plants, portable barbeques . . . the list went on and on.  I have a new friend these days (answers to the name of Sinead who is much as me and Carol are.  We went to Dublin Flea Market recently and about ten minutes in I realised we all were too alike to be there.  Together!  So I slithered off and found my beautiful coffee set and was a happy camper.  Anyway, as I have four, sorry, three kids I don't get to go and escape as much as I used to hence my favourite websites.

This is a fantastic website.  Mabel and Violet an Irish site with beautiful, beautiful things to see.  I've bought a few of them and the girls are always a pleasure to deal with.  Best thing is though, I introduced Sinead to it and she bought me a lovely moose, check out her site.

I love buttons.  I inherited a box of them from my dad, they belonged to my mam, and made the pic below.  Incorporated a few from this site as they are wonderful.

There is a great shop in Birmingham, understandt here is one in Tokyo too but if you can't mae it to either of those check out Pedlars  More gorgeous stuff.  Great posters and anything else you can think of.  I love them, especially love the sign Clodagh bought me.
As for this site?  At one point they were forever delivering stuff to the door.  I have so much it's not even funny.  But it's all beautiful, I'll photograph it one day.  Check out Cox and Cox
I like prints with stuff written on them.  These are, as far as I can remember, origianl works.  Numbered and all that.  All sorts of stuff and where I got this magic print. They are called: The Concrete Hermit
Have just discovered this online shop.  Mainly because I'm a caker and I was looking for something in particular.  But this I want and there is so many other things I'm buying for presents.

Found this great dress shop.  All 40s and 50s stuff.  It's fabulous.  Go have a look.