Some of the cakes

Made for Joanne and Stephen. I spent two hours folding that ribbon and ironing it to halve the width of it. With help from a neighbour actually. Was terrified transferring the cake down to Leixlip as had kids and luggage in car for a trip to Kerry. What's cool about this cake is that the top two layers are fake, so you get to keep them and you also get to look dead flash with your four tier cake.

Wasn't sure about this cake when I was making it but it turned out really well. Client loved it and, best still, she gave me rhubarb from her garden!! Going to make rhurbarb crumble tomorrow. In between everything else I have to do. Also made these cupcakes to go with the cake. Lemon, chocolate and vanilla. You can't go wrong with all that, can you?

 This is such a pretty cake it deserves two photos. It's a zesty lemon and utterly divine. I mean, check out those flowers and hand stitched ribbon. 

Made for Arthur, a big fan of gaming deespite being only 5 years of age. Chocolate Fudge and delicious

This is one I made earlier today. 10" zesty lemon with a fondant icing and handmade pink and white flowers. I think its quite pretty.

This was very cool as the only thing I had to do was ice the cake. Four tiers of the most delicious smelling fruit cake, yum.