02 November, 2015

Chicken Soup .... the spicy noodle one!

I felt pants and went searching for a chicken soup recipe.  Something that would work on making my post migraine head feel better and, you know, taste great.  This is a combination of several recipes.  I use leftover chicken, as always have left over chicken in the house.  
So, instead of doing the spice thing with raw chicken I put my shredded chicken into a Tupperware tub thing, measure the spices in on top of it and then give it a good shake.

This is what it looks like .....

This is what you need to make it....

All the left over chicken  you can spare, about 400g.  Alternatively you can use 400g of raw chicken thighs (best flavour) or breast.
2 tbsp rapeseed oil, or whatever oil you prefer.
1 tsp ground cumin.
0.5 tsp chili powder.
0.5 tsp cayenne pepper.
0.5 tsp dried oregano.
0.75 tsp oregano, dried.
05 tsp salt.
0.75 tsp ground black pepper.

All of the above is for your chicken.  If using left overs, place the chicken in a lunchbox or tub and chuck the spices on top and give it a good shake.  Omit the olive oil though, you don't need it for left over chicken.
If using raw chicken, Preheat oven to 190c.  Put the chicken on a large baking tray lined with parchment paper. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of oil and sprinkle with spices. Place in the oven and bake for 25 minutes.  Turn the chicken halfway through the cooking time.  Once cooked, pull into small chunks using two forks

For your soup you need:

2 tbsp oil.  
3/5 carrots, peeled and sliced.
3 stalks of celery, diced.  I NEVER use celery, 'tis an evil vegetable.
1 large onion, diced.
10 cloves of garlic, crushed/minced?!
Pinch of salt.
1 litre of chicken stock, i.e. water and two stockpots.
1 pint of water .... for good measure.
1 bay leaf.
Juice of one lemon.
Noodles or pasta 

Heat the oil in a large pot over a medium flame. Add carrots, celery (nope), and onion, and cook, stirring occasionally, for about five minutes, until onion is soft.  Add garlic and salt and cook for another minute before adding the bay leaf, water and chicken stock. Increase the heat to high, bring soup to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the vegetables are just how you like them (i.e. a bit of bite).  Stir in cooked chicken and lemon juice. Taste soup to adjust seasonings, then serve at once.

As for the noodles/pasta I cook them separately, according to packet instructions, and dish out into bowls before adding the soup. That way people can have what they want and the noodles//pasta don't get disgustingly soft.  


p.s. you can add whatever veggie you fancy and it really is gorgeous. 

16 June, 2015

Wouldn't you love to just . . . ..

..... be honest?  I sent a very polite email to someone recently telling them I was disappointed in how they had wasted my time in asking for several quotes but then ditching me at the 11th hour.
What I really wanted to say was 'Fuck you, you fucking fuck' but that, it would seem, is not professional.
I price around but would never let anyone go so far as to start working for me and then say 'er, no, you're grand'.  Have this overwhelming urge to send her an invoice for time spent to date on working out how her bloody mickey mouse head should be made etc.  Plus the logistics of making a cake that no one will eat but instead will smash.  Grrrrrr.


12 June, 2015

No. 3 turned 10!!!

The baby is, I guess, not a baby anymore.  Which, I guess, means I had better stop calling that extra weight baby fat.  
Yes, the boy and joy turned ten on Wednesday.  The 10th of Summer as he used to call his birthday date when he was little.  Most years, he has been ill for his birthday, I don't know how it happens but he always is.  The most memorable ill birthday was this one, the one with the suppository.  
This year, he has a broken collar bone.  No. 2 pushed him and he fell landing on his shoulder and ... snap.  Three hours in hospital and then . . . well, at this moment in time, I think I've been awake since Monday.  It's now Friday! He is grand during the day but at night, that's where the fun starts.  He moves, a lot, in his sleep.  Everything he moves, the bone wriggles, he screams and I age another few hours.  I'm more grey now than ever.  Well, I was, I coloured my hair yesterday as I was a show.

Yeah, no. 2 pushed no. 3 and then convinced no. 3 to lie about how it all happened.  Apparently the, not very, christian Christian had shoved no. 3 and legged it.  This is the story we were told in the kitchen.  I was all set to leg it after him and rip his arms off when I thought it might be better to get an xray first.  I had just reversed the car and driven around the corner when no. 3, through the snot and tears, told me that it was actually no. 2 that had pushed him and he had gone along with the lie as no. 2 told him, no. 3, that I would give out to all and sundry if it was an in house shoving incident.
You should have seen me reverse back around the corner.  Smooooth. Fit exactly into the space I had left three minutes earlier  No. 2 was playing on the street and, as I came down the road, backwards, you could see him just think 'fuck'.  I got out of the car, pointed to him and simply said 'IN.  NOW'.  Told Himself that the unchristian Christian hadn't pushed no. 3 but no. 2 had.  Gave the shover a bollocking about lying and gave the shovee a bollocking about lying and headed in to Temple Street.

So, his birthday.  He got a videogame (why are they still called that?) and a book I can't pronounce that you read from back to front and right to left?!  He also got to have his birthday tea in the garden.  Billy has a hatred of balloons and Stella is terrified of them.  Also, sad face, this is the last birthday that Fiona and Dilan will be here for.  This time next month they'll be living in Turkey and I'll be an sibling-less in Dublin.  That really is a crock of shite you know.  Smaller world, easier travel, blah, blah just means that everyone lives further away.

Anyway, his birthday, he had cake (bought lol), balloons, pizza and all of us.  Oh, and sunshine.  Gorgeous sunshine.  Perfect, huh?

I am a bad blogger

I really am.  Funny things have been happening, tedious things too . . . I just haven't told you any of it.  
I bought a new laptop though so, touch wood, I shall be blogging away merrily from the sofa in the near future.  I'm blaming the 'held together with sellotape and spit' laptop that you couldn't move from the table for fear of it falling apart on my lack of blogging.  Something very bleagh about being made sit at the table to write.  I feel like I'm being punished or made do my homework.

Right, going to have a hoosh through photos and see what's what, shall tell you about the new dog (who has been living with us for 7 months now) and how we can no longer watch the telly or dvds as the wagon has eaten all the remote controls.

Oh, about the whack a mole rat, how no. 2 pushed no. 3 and blamed the not very christian Christian and how BOB rang to say she was lost! 

24 April, 2015

My Port Tunnel Nightmare

Nothing like being a minute into the port tunnel only to realise there has been an incident and the instructions are 'slow down'.
It would be so much better if they could fit "don't panic, the tunnel isn't collapsing, there is no fire, flood or exploding petrol tank, forget that movie you saw years ago with Sylvester Stallone in it, you'll be grand" on the little signs
Even if they could just post up "a car had a bump but's it's fine, honestly, barely a scratch", yes, that would be so much better.
I read 'incident' and thought all of the above and ... threw up in my lap.
Off for a lie down.

Going for a lie down.

21 April, 2015

....if you keep fighting you are all up for adoption!

Today, whilst trying to remember what time I had to be relaxing having coffee with friends, I got so wound up trying to email, talk on the phone and make a TARDIS that the noise from the playroom was doing my head in.
Shrieking and fighting and bashing off things, ffs, do they not know there is more to my every day life than them?
So, in I went.  I stood in the doorway, hands on hips whilst all three faces turned to me....

"Stop fucking fighting", I roared.  "Get your shit together or I'm putting you up for adoption!!"

Little fuckers just flicked their tails and went into their box and snickered darkly about how loopy their human is.  Sodding rats, you either love them or hate them.

13 April, 2015


Dear No. 2,

You know I love you with all my heart but . . .  if you continue to leave that lego image, cataglogue number and directions to nearest toy shop (never mind the fricking notes) all over the house for me to find I may have to skin you.


Mam xx

p.s. Even if we had the money,  €200 is waaaay too much to be spending on a birthday present that isn't a bike.  

15 February, 2015

Spare me, puhlease.


13 February, 2015


I follow quite a few science based Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.  Have learnt all sorts of lovely, and strange things.  Yesterday the strangest thing ever (okay, so not, ever) happened. 
Someone posted a photo of a galaxy and said it looked like a hand.  I said it looked like a bat (Remember, I'm shite at seeing those seeing eye pictures so . .  I could have been shite at seeing the hand too).  Whilst I was saying 'Bat' some woman said 'Hand of God' (praise the lord etc.) 
She thought, I can only assume, that I was being facetious with my comment and started laying into me for being disrespectful of her Christian beliefs??!
Yeah!!!  Seriously!
I told her I wasn't being disrespectful as I hadn't seen her 'Hand of God' remark (wonder is she a Maradona fan) and started on (and on) at me about how people like me are constantly putting down her Christian beliefs.  (Jesus, I said 'It looks like a bat').   .  ..   Yeah, people like me, etc. etc.  Smart A-holes who can't open our minds to the love of the Lord just make her sick to her gut.  
Couldn't resist.
I said that I was amused by Christians shouting at me for putting down their/her beliefs when she was pretty much doing likewise to mine.  (I said it looked like a bat for fucks sake).  I told her that I was happy for her to believe in Gods but, as of yet, no such Gods have ever been proven to exist and what we were looking at (a big galaxy in space!!) had been proven to exist because, like, duh, there it is!  Photographed by the  Hubble Telescope itself.
I don't know what pissed her off more, me saying 'Gods', cos there is only one true god right?  Or telling her she didn't exist, the Gods that is.
Well.  She told me "she hoped I was wearing a light shirt and had a bottle of ice water with me at all times because I was going straight to hell and Satan was going to fuck me in the ass".

Now, I've been to Turkey on holidays and one day it got to 45C IN THE SHADE.  I was wearing a light shirt and had, indeed a bottle of ice water, and fat lot of good they did me.  Shudder.  I swear it, my eyeballs dried out!!!  You could see the film of water evaporating.  Could have been hallucinating though, in retrospect.

I told her that her Christ must be very proud of her.  I swear, hand on heart, you could hear her head implode all the way over here, on this side of the Atlantic.


p.s. AND, AND!!!!!  How does a woman, who cannot say Asshole without feeling rude tell me I'm going to get fucked by the divil himself?   

23 January, 2015

Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)

I love this song and I love this guy.  Snigger, especially how he stops shaking it off when he sees someone.