06 February, 2017

It's been a while, huh?

I bought a journal to give this bullet journal thing a lash.  I is not enjoying it.  My journal is not pretty but ... it is useful insofar as I now have a record of the things I forgot to do and a way of tracking my headaches.  So far it would appear that all headaches have been brought on by stress.  I know this because I had my first headache in ages yesterday, exactly three days after the sister and kids arrived home, to my home, to stay for three weeks.  However, I also had a very fast, very strong gin.
I'll tell you more about that another time, the sister visit that is, the gin?  Nothing to say other than it was needed and I was in bed by 8pm on a Sunday night.  

So the journal thing doesn't appear to be for me but it has made me realise I miss this page.  Not sure why I haven't written anything in so long.  May have something to do with the fact that we have been so under pressure with Himself not working and lack of funds to do fun stuff that I had no fun stuff to do and tell you about.

Here's to that all changing.  As, fanfare now .... HIMSELF GOT A JOB AND STARTED TODAY!!!!!  Isn't that fucking brilliant???  Yup, after eight (you read that correctly) years and two degrees Himself is back in the land where he belongs.  I can't tell you where he works 'cos there is a secrecy form signed.  Not by me mind, but by him and he may not be impressed with me blabbing on the tinternet.  He has told everyone that he is going to be a something something Officer!  An officer I tell you!  But not a police officer and he definitely doesn't have a gun.  Grunkle Bill is convinced he will have a gun. 

So, in the hope of fun money finally being back in our lives I am going to attempt to resurrect this poor thing and give Gertrude a laugh every now and then.  

Also, for the first time in years I am fully responsible for getting everyone to and from school, getting them fed, keeping the house looking as if it's loved and walking the dog.  Oh, and working myself.  Yup, no one to turn to at 1.45pm and say, 'cos I'm up to my ears in icing or it's raining, '.. so, er, you're getting the kids then, yeah?'
Nope, it's all up to me.  If I can do it for the next three weeks when we have guests (are family guests or just a nuisance?)I shall be the mutts nuts by the time his training is finished (9 weeks in total) and the shift work starts.  Shift work means I have to cook a Sunday dinner, meh, and stand at a football sideline every second Sunday.  Double Meh.  Apart from meaning that the buck really does stop with me now I am very much looking forward to this new phase.  Kind've.  No I am.  I am.  I think.

p.s. I am so stressed by having very small people in the house I took the dogs for their walk at 8.40 this morning.  We were back in and showered by 10.10pm.  I have done my full 10K steps and both dogs are still asleep.  It's 4.30!!

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