30 August, 2010

Great night out

Spent Saturday afternoon with my sister, a girlie girl, before going out to my friend Annie's mother's birthday party (actually, that night we were discussing the use of apostrophes and I hope mine are all in the right place).  She dispaired of my slapdash attitude to getting ready (5 min make up) and choice of clothes (yawn) so practicied turned a pigs ear into a silk purse.  It was brilliant craic.  Apart from the fact that she repeatedly went to stick a cotton bud in her mouth to remove eyeliner etc.  Ick.  She lent me a fab purple dress to go with my fab black shoes.
As I was showing David how I could actually walk in the heels and swish my hips at the same time I lost my balance and crashd into this gentleman whose wife was NOT amused.  David was. 
Great night, great people and . . . .  sore head the next day.  Memo to self.  Do not succumb to peer pressure so easily.  David:  "Ah, Niamh, have a drink.  What's the point of ditching he car?"  Me: "Oh go on then".

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