15 September, 2010

Ask me mate I'm sweatin'

Is anyone else hot?  I'm baked?  I don't know whether it's the headache or, dum dum dum, the change!  Please, please let it be the weather.  Am to young for all that hormonal nonsense. 
Seriously, though it is hot.  And I'm tired.  I'm hot, tired and bothered and my head still hurts.  Too tired to try and find young green coconut water (sum yung guy anyone?) which I found out is stocked in Swords.  Meant to be excellent for headaches and hangovers.  It's a hydration thing.
# 1 just told me that dogs sniff walls were other dogs have peed to get information.  To which I replied 'Pee-mail'??  I am so funny.  But everyone else here is nodding their head dolefully in a 'poor mam' kinda way.
Today I organised a birthday breakfast for my lovely pal Carol and her equally lovely but totally unidentical twin sister.  L, the unidentical twin sister, couldn't come as she has a daughter that has chicken pox.  Really feel for L as she also has a newborn son to contend with.  Delighted for me as her daughter is as much of a menace as my three sons put together.  Is that a terrible thing to say?  Shit, it is, isn't it?  Love L., love her two lovely children too, backtrack, backtrack.  Shame too as I had cakes organised.  Cakes!!  Plural!!!  But, shhh, I bought them.  In Superquinn, at a fraction of what I'd charge for them.  They were delicious. 
Had six people around, 5 kids and enough pastries to feed a small army.  Or six hungry women and 5 kids.  It was brilliant.  Had a lovely morning.  Caught up on gossip, put the world to rights and drank lots of tea and coffee.  One of us, F, still has the jitters from all the coffee she drank and that was 5 hours ago.  She'll have the kids picked up, homework done, dinner done and a walk down before she knows what's what.  Maybe that's the secret of successful women?  Coffee and lots of it.
Or drugs. 
Wine at night?
I know!  The secret of sucessful women is an army of minders, cleaners and everything else behind them.  More power to them.  I keep asking if we can get a cleaner but apparently that wouldn't be on at the moment considering he's doing a FAS course.  Yeaaaah, will have to rethink that one.
No other news.  Got back from collecting my kids to find the houseful of women and kids I'd left here had very kindly tidied it up!!!!  Women eh?  We rock. 
Can you tell I'm kinda stoned at the moment?  Solpodeine.  I am the person that the chemist is trying to prevent you turning into with this new anti-painkillers that work thing they've got going on.
It's also young raffy's birthday today.  Raffy wants a joint party with Monkey on Friday.  Apparently I am to send out invitations tonight to make sure everyone gets them on time.  Soooo, bought Raffy some balloons today (Carol didn't mind sharing them) and a cupcake (L's) and he sat there as happy as a stuffed giraffe can and enjoyed his party.

We then spent a very enjoyable hour inhaling the helium from said balloons and reciting tongue twisters.

Probably why I have a headacke.  Feck it, it's worth it. x

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