18 September, 2010

Attack of the diamante spiders

Had a wonderful night out last night for Lee's birthday.  We were picked up in the hummer which, thankfully, wasn't pink and drove around for a while before being dropped at our local pub.  Lots of champagne and more champagne.
Got to the pub and begged my sister to go to the local shop (my heels were far to high dahling) to get some painkillers for me (boring ones at that, panadol anyone?) as I still had the same lousy headache I've had all week.  Anyway, whilst she was being hooched along the lounge guy came over to take our order.  I asked him if there was any chance they had any painkillers behind the bar and he said 'YES', okay so he wasn't that excited about it but I was.  Especially when I saw they were solpodiene.  Took two with, erm, whiskey and bye be headache.  I know, I know.  I'm not setting a good example but I've had a sore head all week and really wanted to enjoy the night.
Enjoy it I did.  We sang lots ( but only along with the people on stage - it would appear we are all shrinking violets, who knew) and then let our jaws fall to the floor when Fiona got up and sang.  And Lee (Graham's brother Lee not Lee his wife.  Confused yet?).  Both had fantastic voices.  We did sing Happy Birthday and we had a blast.  Met a women who is friends with my old neighbours from Inchicore.  Small world and I managed to keep whopping eyelashes on for the whole night.  Although the heat did kind've undo their curl which made me feel, on occasion, I was looking through one of those ribbon door screens that butchers used on their shop doors to keep the flies out years ago.  Fuck, can you tell I typed that all in one breath?  
Had to hop over a wall to get home (in 6" heels and a dress) as Graham thought it was easier to do that than walk alllllll the way around to the carpark exit.  Although, thinking about it now, those heels would have been a killer.  For me.  Not Graham.  He was wearing sensible shoes. 
For the first time in years I walked home barefoot, have forgotten how niiiiiiiiiiice it is to take off high heelers and trot along.  Also forgot how nervewracking it is in case you stand in poop or worse, a stone!
So, the attack of the spiders.  Woke up this morning to find one of my eyelashes attached to my arm.  Nearly wet myself as I HATE spiders.  It didn't occur to me until several screams later that spiders don't usually come with sparkly bits.  As far as I was concerned I had a glam rock spider feeding on my elbow. 
Still not the better of it.
Okay so, off to see a painting in the National Gallery of Ireland that #1 is keen on and then early to bed.  Bugger, have errand to run before that.  In my next life I want to be organised.  In my next time I want to be able to dance likes Leesa's friend Lisa.  I also want her shoes. 

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