14 September, 2010

Incentive to diet. Two reasons.

The first incentive is that one of your favourite people is looking very svelte these days.  A combination of walking for 40 minutes every day since February and not eating bread!  Easy peasy huh?  She lost 3, count 'em, THREE stone.  Pat on the back for her.
The second incentive is seeing a photo of yourself on the school wall.  A photo you'd NEVER noticed before but will notice constantly from now on in.  A photo of you with a chef's hat on for the school cake sale.  A photo where you resemble, very closely, this chap here.  Fucking hell?  Yup, if I wasn't going for a walk tonight I defo did after seeing that photo.
Yup, that's what I looked like in the photo.  Actually, I was smiling in the photo but this is what I looked like after I saw the photo.  The diet officially started last week but it's serious now.
photo stay puffed man Ghostbusters

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