11 September, 2010

Random acts of Kindness

For reasons I'm not going to go into I've been having a rough time lately.  Today was one of those days were it was hard to get up but I did.  I also went for a nice long walk in the early morning sunshine (and I do mean early 8.15) to clear my head and try and get it on straight.
It kinda worked but . . . a bleugh time for me right now.
So, imagine how happy I was to have a kid in the supermarket ask his mam to move out of the way (she was deciding on biscuits - a hard choice given the choice I think) as that girl wants to get by.  That 'girl' was me.  Said thank you to the young chap and told his mum he's made me very happy, both by being so polite and by calling ME a girl.
But that wasn't the random act of kindness.  That came in the form of a very kind lady who asked if I'd like help packing my bags?  Just said 'would you like a hand love?' and I said 'yes please'.  No money raising thing.  Just one woman recognising another whose feeling a bit low. 
So, to that lady and all those out there who carry out random acts of kindness I say THANK YOU xxxx

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