16 September, 2010

Wow, am on a roll with posting today.

A mate of mine is getting together a mood board for her house.  She's about to start renovating it and has been collecting bits and pieces of fabric etc. for years.  She asked if I had ever had a mood board.  Could honestly say never.  Not my way of doing things.  I see stuff I like and I make it fit in.  The only time I ever had anything resembling a mood board was when we were getting this house fixed and I was to be found wandering around with a dozen paint brochures in my hand. 
But I do have a mood board now.  It's not one as you'd expect.  It's in the smallest room in the house and it contains some of my favourite memories.  It has cards that still make me giggle and I love it, it's about the only thing I get to read these days too.

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