23 October, 2010

Several things

Had a most excellent night playing Cranium last night.  We had the two lads here and the lovely Shinners and Kenny.  We drank a bit.  Conail cheated.  Shinners can't hum (hey, interesting thing - try hum and hold your nose at the same time. . . you trying?  Can't be done!!  Isn't that mental?  I thought you hummed through your mouth too).  Darren was on one of the losing teams and I was on the WINNING one.  Had a blast. 
Woke up this morning to an empty bed so turned over and went back to sleep.  Got up, thinking 'grand, only 2 to mind,  #1's  at the match'.  Wrong.  Darren was out cold in #1's bed, the kids had feasted on tortilla chips and quality street and the match was well and truly missed.  Arse.  It's amazing how quickly you can clean a kitchen when you're cross.
Met my lovely friend Ger in M'hide for tea (lots of tea, I need it) for gossip, cake news and a laugh.  Funny, it's only our second time to meet but we've talked lots on the phone (oh, we met at a cake thing earlier this year) and just always manage to have a giggle.  Oooh, how girly.  'A giggle'.  hhaha. 
Legged it from there to here and then from here to the Point Village Market 'cos I wanted to see the Thriller flashmob.  The pumpkin carving.  The fun.  Yep.  All the stuff that is happening NEXT WEEKEND.  Jesus, that's the second time I've done that (cast your minds back to the space hopper debacle "where is everyone?" - Me.  "Ah, fuck it Niamh, it's next weekend" - Darren, having consulted his very clever phone.  Well yes, I did it again.  But tis okay as two great things happened.  Firstly, I have, correction, WE have a week to practice our Thriller moves.  There's even a rehearsal practice there at 1.30 next weekend if you fancy it yourself.  Two.  I met a lovely fella called Bernard who works/owns the Matcha tea stand.  I've been trying to find matcha green tea for ages to make this recipe I have for cupcakes.  Was saying that to Bernard and he said he'd love to taste them as he wants to sell lots of tea flavoured things so he gave me some.  Enough for at least 30 cupcakes.  Fingers crossed that they turn out well as I want to be a famous caker baker.  Also got a cup of matcha green tea and it's very nice indeed.
Billy got a free sausage off the grill people.
Now, I sit here typing this listening to the X Factor show.  I don't know how it happened but I think I've been sucked in.  Darren is disgusted but I think it's magic. 

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  1. Mwahahaha... have just realised you mentioned me in your blog - morto!!!