20 October, 2010

Wednesday - nearly there, only two more days til midterm

I think I'm losing it.  'It'??  Not sure what 'it' is but whatever it is I don't think I have it anymore.
Today I stood in front of my house and went 'beep beep' with the car keyring fob thing.  Just for the record the key fob went beep beep not me, that would be sad.  So, I pointed the fob at the front door and pressed it and then opened the door and walked into the house. 
At first I thought 'wow, technology is great' until I realised it either really is great or I forgot to lock the frickin' door. 

1 comment:

  1. oh that is funny! eh I too have pointed my car key at my front door, clicked it and thought it would open! mmmmm wonder would it work on the fridge?!!!