30 November, 2010

I love Mr. Dunne

Yesterday I sent Tom Dunne an email in Newstalk.  It read as follows:

Dear Tom,

Ages and ages ago I won a nudey pen off you and have used it constantly.  It's nearly empty, sigh.
Earlier today, whilst listening to your show, I realised there is a NEW nudey pen on offer.  I'd like one.  So much do I want one of these pens I immediately texted Kerry (Graye - she's a pal) whilst you two were bantering about the snow and said please, please, please can you get me one of the new nudey pens.
The main reason for wanting the new pen is, big brave breath, on Saturday myself and one other caker are having our first ever cake stall.  Balbriggan Christmas Market to be precise (running every Saturday from the 4th until  . . . just before Christmas I guess).  It's going to be very cold on Saturday, fingers crossed not raining, and we'll have been baking and caking from Thursday.  We have to get up at the ungodly hour of 5am on Saturday to start icing the little fairy cupcakes.  My lads are just about at the stage where I don't have to get up that early any more so you can see how dedicated we are to making this work.
So, long story short.  Saturday.  Market.  Cold.  Up early.  Need a giggle and a pen to keep track of all the, touch wood, orders were going to get so PLEASE, PLEASE TOM CAN ME AND MO HAVE A NUDEY PEN.  One between us will be fine, we don't mind sharing.  Can I even bribe you with cake????  Ask Kerry, I'm very, very good.
Yours in anticipation,

Niamh Geraghty
01 8074379 / 0876919838

We'll give you a big hug on our facebook page too 

. . .  but let me just say this, I love Tom Dunne!!!  Love him and his crew and his show.  Swoon.

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