13 November, 2010

It's all Liz's fault

Every now and then a group of mammies from #1's class go out for the night.  We have tried several different ways of going out and have eventually settled on the formula of meeting up for a drink and then going for a bite to eat.  Some of the other things we have tried have been: 'simply going for a drink', we get drunk very early and talk a lot of shite.  We've also tried the 'early bird' which means we meet at around 7pm, have a glass of wine, eat and then find ourselves in the pub from around 9 and we get very drunk and talk a lot of shite.  The last time (we did an early bird) was great though as we ended up in Duffy's in Malahide and there was a DJ (he was young enough to be too young) and he played everything we asked him from 'Hey Frankie' to 'Relight my Fire'.  Did you know, this shocked me, Hey Frankie was released in 1985!!!!!!!!  EightyFIVE!!!!!!!  I am old, old, old.  Except I'm not, am I?  I'm only 37 and 10/12s.  
So last night we went to Gibneys and had a lovely meal in Ciao.  You should definitely go there by the way.  Excellent food, excellent staff and a great vibe.  Plus, and this is one of the best bits, they will always give you  the magic round table in the corner if you ask, the olives are fantastic and, AND, they don't throw you out even when they should 'cos it's late and they're all knackered.
But Liz didn't come with us.  Liz not coming meant I was the only one drinking the lovely Pinot Grigo.  Which means I now have a very sore head.  Very sore indeed.  
Still, we put the world to rights and sorted out Christmas.  What was very interesting was that one of the group said she couldn't wait for her kids not to believe.  What??  I can't be the only one that's shocked here, am I?  Her eldest is 12 and her youngest is 8.  Girl followed by a boy.  I dread the day that there is an non-believer in my house.  Dread it.  How can you not love the magic of this time of year?  The wonder of it all?  The innocence of it all?
Every year I drive one of Santa's helpers to my two youngest sons school.  I put the top down on the beetle and Santa sits on the back seat and, when I get my cue, I drive in to the sound of Santa ringing his bell and the kids all screaming Jingle Bells.  It starts my Christmas.  I get weepy thinking about it.  Being honest?  It's the only reason I joined the P.A. at our school.  It's one of those utterly wonderful things that you only get to experience every now and then but I get to experience it every year.
I love the excitement in their eyes.  The panic, the wonder, the fear the 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!  IT'S SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!' of it all.
So, I for one, shall do everything in my power to keep the magic going on and on in my boy's lives.  

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