10 November, 2010

What in the buggery f. . duck!

I'm feeling quite hard done by today.  Many reasons.  One being I lose 20 phone credit/voucher/thing and, arse anyway, it was my last 20 quid and I need phone credit!  Secondly!!!!  I make cakes.  I make nice cakes and I'm not called the perfectionist confectionist for nothing so I was really pissed off today when I got given out to for being too expensive.  And lax.  Okay, I cocked up by not ringing on the day I said I would but genuine reason but I'm not too expensive!!  I checked!!!!  I was given two pics of cakes I'd made and asked could I do something similar for €65.00 and for 40 people.  I said "no, don't think so . .. could be looking up to €100 depending on how much decoration involved".  Today I got an email which reads as follows:

Hi Niamh,
Just got your voicemail there.  I think there has been a misunderstanding, as going by the below e-mail, I was expecting a phone call from you on Sunday. 
As there is no contact number for you on your website, and as time is of the essence for me, I had to look elsewhere. 
I have since sourced someone to ice and decorate a chocolate biscuit cake for me, (whilst also providing another non-iced choc. biscuit cake for cutting up but not for display) all for 80 euros.   Delivery included. 
Affordability is something you refer to on your website, however in these recessionary times I'm afraid I can't agree that 100 euros for a 10" cake is good value for money.  It's not a wedding for 150 people, just a simple christening for about 40 people.... 
Kind regards,
P.O'ed somewhere out there.

This is the email I wanted to send back:

Hi POed,
I am so very sorry I didn't get back to you there was a family emergency and it completely slipped my mind on Sunday.  On Monday I was so frickin' relieved everything was okay and so tired from the worry I went and forgot about you again.  I should prioritise I know but god damn it, the kid won over you.
There is a contact number for me.  In fact if you even put me into Google chances are you'll find me.  This upsets my husband no end I can assure you.
I am utterly stunned and delighted that you have managed to source two 10" chocolate biscuit cakes for your party.  In fact I would very much like if you would pass on their details as I am sure their cakes are, for that price, something to behold.  I would really love, if not too cheeky, if you could ask them to contact me so that I could get details of what chocolate they use etc. as I am obviously buying ingredients that are far superior to what my clients really deserve.  
I would like to think that for a wedding you would pay well for a decent wedding cake.  It's a special day and I believe that one should buy the best and most beautiful cake they can afford.  I know that cakers shouldn't benefit from your big day but instead donate their ability to design something truly beautiful, years of training and experience to you. 
Really fucking pissed off of Dublin!

I am a good caker.  I am.  But now I'm a worried one.


  1. you pay for what you get Niamh and i am sure she got some secong rate cake

  2. Niamh, your cakes are works of art! You are def not too expensive... and people cannot expect to get a beautifully designed and custom decorated cake for a pittance. Sounds like she'd have been a pain to deal with anyway, so forget about her... We all love you xxx

  3. Oh Ger you're so fine. Anonymous, who are ya?