20 December, 2010

The day after the day before.

Sigh.  I'm 38.  Oooh, actually typed 28 by accident.  Nah, I'm 38 which is a year younger than a friend of mine even though she now thinks we're the same age.  We're not!!!!!  She is only the same age as me for one week.  HAHAHAAH.  She is old man.  OLD!!  Nah, shouldn't slag, she made/bought me the most beautiful birthday present.  It's a picture of the shop we're going to own one day.  Flowers and cakes (or is it cakes and flowers?) I'll get a photo of it soon and post it.  
Got some lovely presents yesterday.  Including a book by Jeremy Clarkson (I love him.  I love that he talks the way it is.  Love the way he doesn't care too).  Also got Joseph O'Connor's drivetime Cd and . . .  well, there is someone who has latched on to something and every year (birthday and Christmas) I get some variation of the same thing.  It's really funny but I don't know what to do with them.  It's like how, say, you remark to someone that you like, I dunno . . . white musk from the body shop.  (I'm a kid of the 80s).  Every year you get the same white musk gift-line.  Same with this person.  Love her but she's on a roll now with this gift choice and I think it's really funny.  Ask me quietly and I'll tell you what and who.
#1 made me a lovely cake, with some help from #2 and Himself.  It was Maureen's Coffee cake, the mum of a friend of mine.  It is utterly delicious and you'll find the recipe on the blog somewhere.  What else?  Went to see Santa in Arnotts, as we do every year.  We queued for 3 hours to see the big guy and then . .  . we came home.  The boys had become so hungry during our wait that Himself took them to Burger King or some such which meant that by the time we were finished and #1 had been warned his name was slipping off the page (naughty watch to you and me - bedroom issues) they were good to go and I was starving but they just wanted to come home and decorate the tree.  I had a packet of crisps for my birthday dinner!?  
Got home, got tree out and put it together then the kids decorated it.  Himself did the lights but the boys decorated it which means #1 and #2 got pissed off and left to watch a cartoon so #3 decorated it which means there are no decorations on the upper half of the tree.  It looks really funny, looks like the tree is wearing a beaded skirt.  
Then it was up to tidy my room (floordrobe has been tidied away) and into bed with a hot water bottle and one of my many birthday books by 9pm!!!!  I get older but go to bed earlier?  That is so shite.  #1 stays up later than me nowadays.  
M rang to have a chat about the odd text messages I'd been sending her.  Turns out that, now it's in credit, my phone had been firing out all those messages that were in my outbox.  They would have made sense at the time but they weren't last night.  Her ringing also gave her an insight into one of my biggest and dirtiest secrets.  I like radio 1.  Especially on a Sunday night when they have lots of Irish bodiddlyeye stuff on.  I'm fucked.  I'm old and I like bodiddlyeye music.  The fact that I still love Prince, The Beastie Boys and Blur should play in my favour.  It does play in my favour, doesn't it?

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