11 December, 2010

Our First Ever CAKE Market

Such a mental day.  Such a mental week.  Myself and Mo (and Darren)  have baked, cleaned and then baked and trashed the place some more for the past two weeks.  I don't think I have ever been so tired.  Okay, so that's bullshit I have been that tired it's just, right now, I don't remember.
Basically, Mo got offered a stall at the Christmas Balbriggan Market and asked me to help her.  Of course I jumped at the chance to work at a market as had such a blast with Carol on the Flea one.  
What I didn't get was how hard it was going to be.  We baked and baked (see above) and then the market got cancelled 'cos of the snow.  So we baked some more.  I honestly don't think I will ever, EVER, look at chocolate biscuit cake again.  It's beautiful, I can sell it but jesus I don't think I'll ever eat it again.  
I could show the photos of the chaos of our kitchens by the time I finished but that would not be a good thing.  But I am going to give you the 2, yes two, photos I managed to take today.  
We were so run off our feet we didn't get a chance to to stop to take any more.  Didn't even get to take photos of myself and Mo looking fabulous in our beautiful spotty aprons that matched our beautiful spotty tablecloth.  Yeah, so it was knackering.  Yeah, my kitchen will never look the same again but I don't care because I had a fantastic, wonderful, brilliant day with a fantastic, wonderful and completely batty American Lady who goes by the name of Morrin.  

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