09 December, 2010

This is where I fall off the radar.

In no particular order I probably won't be around for a few days because:

  1. I'm not well.
  2. Really not well.  Proper grown up flu.
  3. Himself is starting to come down with it too - which means I am donald ducked.
  4. The Christmas Market is on this weekend and I need to bake bake bake.
  5. # 2 has starting pooping in his sleep - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.
  6. I'm meant to have 500 cakes made, I've got 200.  
  7. I'm not well.
See you all soon, stay warm and safe and I promise if I can't sleep during the night I'll come back and tell you about the mentalness that's been going on.  'Flipping the fuck out' and 'monkey cock II', falling over IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.  What I want from Santa.


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