07 December, 2010

Words I like and words I don't like - hey I'm wide awake and it's 3.30am!

I hate the words:

Phlegm ( although I love spelling it)
Mucous - ugh.
Moist, moister and moistest ( okay, so I made up the second moist one there but yuk, yuk, yuk ).
Intimate.  Although I don't know why.
Viscous.  But I do like viscosity.
Vagina and Penis - they sound like no fun at all.

Words I really like:

Viscosity.  Seriously!
Queue.  I love the way it sounds when you spell it fast.  q u e u e.  q u e u e.  q u e u e.  q u e u e.
Giggle.  Because it sounds like a giggle, also like that word that means something sounds the way it means.
Elbow.  Long story.
Battabing.  Don't know if it's a real word but I like it.
Schlepp and schwepps.
patter.  pitter and pitter patter.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - but only when it's me making it.

Hope everyone else is sleeping tight xx

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