12 April, 2011

Since I last wrote

Two of my boys have aged a whole year!!  # 1 is now ten and # 2 is now 7.  Have had a ball with them over the last week.  Seem to be getting work/life/balance stuff in, er, balance.  Of course now that I've put this down on paper, so to speak, it's all go tits over arse and fall apart again.  Still, it's nice while it's lasting.
The birthday boys got a playstation and a Little Big Planet 2 game between them for their birthday present and . .  I am Little Big Planet-outted again.  It never stops.  It's, like, y'know, the coolest game, like, EVER!!!!!  You can ride ducks and camels.  Bearing in mind I'm from Dublin and when I heard the word 'ride' I got an awful fit of the giggles.  
They're all playing happily-ish together and I have no cakes to do until Friday so all is good.  Remarked to #3 earlier that he is getting a lovely colour to which he replied 'thanks' and 'what colour???'  A perfectly valid question I suppose.  # 2, sitting on me and making it difficult to type, has also got a good healthy glow about him these days  I don't but that's because I rarely see sunshine, sigh.  No, not true.  I spend a lot of time outdoors, just happens that most of it is under a gazebo selling cupcakes. 
None other news.  The lovely Ms. C was in hospital until today - they released her just in time  for Mr. C to go back to work and let her take over the running of the madhouse.   I don't think she'll be going after baby # 5 somehow.  Not long to go on baby # 4 so it's all getting very exciting.
What else?  Nowt?  #1 is mooching around the kitchen, trying to sneak food out without me seeing.  As if!!!??? Especially as I started dieting today and have become obsessed with food.  Such a pain in the arse that when you decide not to eat certain things it's all you can think of.  Had to leave the house today when Himself had a packet of King.  Oh, but the pain.  And speaking of pain, the poor borrowed boy's dad was in an awful state today.  The borrowed boy, whilst (thankfully) in his da's care, fell and walloped his head off his Thomas the Tank Engine.  Cue the BIGGEST egg shaped lump on the Borrowed Boy's head.  Poor man still looked green when he came to collect the boyo this evening  All of mine have had mega eggs on their heads at some time or another so I feel his pain but    . .  it's great when you're three kids down hte line and you know these things happen no matter how carefully you try to not let them happen.  What's even more great is the fact . . . IT DIDN'T HAPPEN HERE!!!  Phew.

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