18 May, 2011

Jesus but I've gotten bad at this

Apologies for not writing sooner but it really has been mental.  Cakes, kids, markets and . . . doctor visits.  Bleaugh.
Today I went and was seen to by my lovely doctor.  I am now babyproof for the next five years.  One of the things my doctor had to do was 'clean my uterus', it is as foul as it sounds by the way and my cries of 'but it hasn't been used in 6 years' fell on dear ears.  Ick.
# 2 needs a new football strip, he is besotted with his Man Utd. one, but that one is in the wash so he has to wear his Juventus one.  Thing is, the shorts!!  They are short shorts!  Very short shorts.  So short in fact it looks like he is a slapper young wan and just wearing a t-shirt  He will not be parted from them so he is out there, playing football, looking like a slapper.  But what can you do eh?
# 1 is getting better looking.  You sometimes forget to look at your kids don't you?  You don't notice them getting sun kissed and loaded with freckles.  But I did today and my boy looks fabulous.
# 3???  I took him to judo on Monday and he had a match (fight??) and his opponent was Alex, a five year old girl.  She beat him.  He beat her.  She beat him.  "Best out of five????" says yer man.  Shame a bout only lasts three fights.  He reckons he'll get her next time.
He came into our bed last night cos he wanted a cuddle.  His timing was shite though as, drum roll please, I'm coming off anti-depressants at the moment.  The time feels right so I think it's time to give it a go.  It's a tricky one and you have to be monitored by your doc.  I see a lot of my doc at the moment.  Anyway, he came into bed.  We fell asleep and then I woke around 2am with the heebie jeebies.  I don't know what # 3 ate before bed but his breath was foul.  It smelled like cat food or something.  So . .  I watched . . . amazed as he turned into a kitten.  I swear to God.  My son turned into a cat.  The bird hanging out of the ceiling started to swoop and the rational bit of my brain thought 'fuck this for a trip'.  I'll stick with it but bugger it's hard.  Himself came up to me and put the kitten away and turned into bear before falling asleep.

Mental illness anyone?

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