07 August, 2011

A present from my BFF (to coin a phrase from the crap tv shows the boys watch)

Recently I was moaning to my pal Carol about not having any grass in my garden.  She nodded sagely and said "but your garden is lovely".  
She arrived over last week, with four children in tow - one of whom is only 4 months old, with this.  My very own grass footstool.  So, I can now take my shoes off and wriggle my toes in some lovely, cool grass.
Carol., thank you, thank you, thank you.
And, AND, the little pot of flowers on the table?  Well, they were inspired by my lovely friend, Ms. UrbanStems, who regularly raids her bijou plot for pretty things.  Well, I raided my wee garden and came away with sweetpea and some purple daisy type things (astisomethings??).  Oh, and that classy vase?  That was made from a Jamie Oliver pasta sauce jar, some double sided tape and a bit of leftover cake ribbon.


  1. Would you believe they have come from seeds I took off the sweetpea you gave me a year ago?? Nice though x