10 October, 2011

When did I blink?

Yesterday all of them, no. 2 in particular, got excited playing Little Big Planet and asked me to upload this to YouTube.  Their second video!!  Whilst doing that I remembered that we have 2 video cameras floating around and thought 'how much easier for them to make their movies' if I dug them out.  Right now they're using Himself's iPhone.  
Oh God.  I wish I'd left things as there were.
Found both cameras and inside each was a tape!  On one of the tapes #1 was about 4, #2 was approx. 15 months and #3 was approx. 4 months.  On the other tape we were in Disneyland Paris with nos. 1 and 2.  No. 3 got to stay and be adored by his nana and granddad.
Did I blink?
My babies have gone from that to uploading videos on YouTube in a blink of an eye.  
Christ but do I feel sad.  I'd forgotten how small and pudgy the middle one was and how squeaky the eldest one was.  I'm smiling at the memories but inside it feels like somethings after tearing.  Am such a sad old bint really.  
I blinked and 6 years have whizzed by.  It's true you know, when people tell you to stop wishing their childhoods away.  'Cos you do, 'if only they were over the crawling bit', 'if only they could feed themselves' etc. etc. 

No.  Time to stop.  Time to enjoy.  One day, you'll blink again and they'll have their own babies.  

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