05 October, 2011

Oh. Excuse me?!

My car farted!!  That's what Paul said.  Paul is my hero mechanic who, the more I know him, the more I love him.  He arrived back with the car today.  The car that's had me in tears since it 'stopped' on Saturday . . . halfway to a cake delivery no less.  Been terrified about how much it was going to costs as we're a bit, er, skint. Thinking of doing deals with all sorts of people but instead it turned out that it wasn't something hugely expensive.  Paul's computer talked to the Ford's computer and the Ford basically explained: "yeah, so I was driving along, was running low but knew I'd make it when all of a sudden "Ppppppaaarhrrhrhrhap'.  Jesus, I was mortified.  I mean, it was obviously me but what could I do??  No dog to blame.  So I decided to just shut down.  Fucking mortified I was.  Couldn't look them in the face, yeah, best to just turn off and sleep'.  Seriously, that's what happened.  Nothing major, the car just parped. 
I love Paul.  

p.s. I also love the many caking friends I've made.  I tried to drop out of one of the forums I'm on as have been totally miserable during the week.  Money worries etc. but one of the lovely ladies arrived to bring me to the meeting ('get out Niamh, it'll cheer you up') and then the several who I met there made me nearly weep with laughter and then I got a lift home off the wonderful Nic.  Who is exactly as she is on-line.   

Special mention to my mate Liz who, well, she's great.  And Ms. Urban Stems herself.  Neither are cakers, although Liz has volunteered, but they listen, don't judge and (best of all) make me laugh.  Think myself and Ms. Urban scared the shit out of some squirrels in Malahide Castle yesterday whilst roaring with laughter.

p.p.s. People I don't love.  My local Credit Union.  On the radio you can listen to ads from end of the day to the next saying 'yes, we're you're local credit union' and 'we're better than the banks' and 'we're here for you'.  Well let me tell you , they are not all that 'here for you'.  I rang yesterday, being grown up and facing things head on, and asked for three months leave on my loan repayments only to be told 'NO!'  Apparently Credit Unions don't do moritoriums and whilst they can extend your loan plan or use your shares they will not cut you any leeway with regards to being up shit creek and needing a month or two to get straight.  I could send in a letter with a sob story explaining exactly why I need them to transfer three months of shares off my loan but it might not get me anywhere.  How is it that when you, classic saying this, owe the bank millions it's their problem but when you owe them €387 it's yours??    Anyway, Paul came up trumps (pardon the pun) and I can make the payment.  But fuck, I am annoyed.  I did what you're meant to do and asked for 3 months off to get accounts straight and it was declined.  I have a twenty year history with the credit union, 3 different branches,  have never missed a payment but it doesn't seem to count for anything.  


  1. Did you say Squirrel? Squirrel! Squirrel!Mucho gracias for being my friend too xx