22 October, 2011

Yeah, sometimes you are just too old

Had a lovely evening yesterday in a friend's house.  Indian food and beer and . . . grass.  Sigh, had forgotten how much I love getting high.  I know, I know.  I'm a mammy and meant to be above all that but it's so nice.  Great company helps too but . . . next morning??  Oh deah, but my tummy is bleugh and I smell smokey and whilst worth it at the time, right now I feel foul.
Going to a  party tonight.  A fancy dress party and I can't wait.  It's in Verena and Chris's house and it's going to fabulous.  I won't be able to look at Chris for the night because I know what his mask is like.  Think 'cheese grater and face', eek.  Himself is going as Alan from the Hangover 2 and I'm going as a paper doll.  I had a very Blue Peter-esque week and made my own costume.  Still struggling with bits of it but I reckon it looks fantastic

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