18 October, 2011


Was insane.  Woke to find the day of the brother's wedding was finally here.  Woke to remember that this was the day my sister had to move house?!  Woke to a phone call asking 'er, any chance you could decorate the pub for the wedding?'  Muppet.  
A wedding planner is something my brother would make never make. He was out buying a shirt to go with his suit two hours before he said 'I do' or 'I will' or whatever it is you say these days..  He did, however, make a lovely groom and Isabella was beautiful, as always.
Pub looked alright too. 
Boys pulled their first pint of Guinness and . .  yeah, it was a great day.  If a little tiring.  Oh, and note to bride and groom . . . you should have stood still and let everyone get photos of you!!!