08 November, 2011

Finding one's way around Sao Paolo

Yeah, so like I said before. I have a shite sense of direction and have always 'landmarked' where I am or where I'm going.  That's how I find my way around, well, everywhere.  Got really shafted before when someone painted their awful yellow house a very boring beige.  A beige like every other house on the street.  Yup, the yellow house really made it easy for me to find my way around Drimnagh.
In Sao Paulo the graffiti is magnificent.  Seriously, it's fecking gorgeous.  I guess the city, like it's people, is tattooed to the nth degree (Brazilians seem to really, REALLY, love their tattoos).  No matter where you go you will find something really amazing to look at.  I was told that shopkeepers etc. pay the graffiti artists to draw on their shop fronts, shutters, whatever and that deters everyone else from tagging their walls.  There is a definite code of honour here, no artwork was ever defaced by someone else's.  I like that.
So, for me in Brazil . . .  with no fecking Portuguese or ability to read and then remember road signs I took to using the artwork as my guide to getting around.  It worked.  To start any journey over there you always, always got the 175P bus to The Joker.  You then walked past Spiderman 3 and you were on the right road to the metro.  Perfect, huh?
   Something else, isn't it?

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