23 December, 2011


.......................... It's the eve before THE eve. Yup, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the tension in the house is building nicely.  No. 3 is terrified that I will ring Santa and say 'keep on going'.  Oh, and whilst I think of it, I know I'm not the only mammy who does this.  Mrs. F. said she was going to put one of those 'Santa Stop Here' signs outside her house only she was going to write the word 'DON'T' in front of the Stop.  
Don't know what all us mammies will do next week when we can no longer use our threat of ringing Santa to keep the little ones under control.  Damn, if only they knew we had no way of contacting Santa and that the red light flashing in the corner of the kitchen isn't in fact a camera direct to the north pole but, in fact, the alarm sensor and 'that' phone number we ring and chat on .. . well, it's the speaking clock.  Can you imagine how peed off the man would be if we kept ringing him giving out about our kids?  He would not be impressed.
Yeah, it's the evening before Christmas Eve.  The evening when I should be making a dessert for the 8 adults who are coming to ours for dinner but . . , it's kind've nice to just be sitting here, having a glass of juice and watching a movie, whilst chatting to you.
If I don't get a chance again before the big day:


I hope you all have a wonderful, family filled, fun filled, joyous couple of days.  I'll talk to you before the New Year and I can wish you a lot of happiness then too.


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