21 December, 2011

No 3 is Melchior

And what a great king he made too.  Funniest production of the nativity I've ever seen.  "A wriggly nativity", so how could it not be funny?
I love these plays.  Shame Himself had to miss it but . . . . he's working!!!  Three years later and Himself is off in the big bad world again and I'm home alone.  Again.  He's working in his old Secondary school and struggling not to call his new boss, and old headmaster, Sir.  
The novelty of having the house to myself has worn off.  Seem to have lost the knack of keeping a house efficiently.  The first two/three days we had beautiful home cooked meals.  The next three/four days?  Well, the meals were home cooked but a lot less beautiful.  
Then there is all the school running and jaysus, but I'm shattered.  It's just in and out, up and down.  A proper hokey cokey situation.   I missed this???

Anyway, Melchior.  Yup, my boy is a sweetheart and he is going to be one to watch.  He has that star quality you know?  My Arthur.  My King.


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