01 February, 2012

Drinking Diary?

I met, along with two friends, a reporter who is working on a tv show for RTE on drinking in Ireland.  Apparently I don't drink the right kind of drink (wine) or enough of it (more than a glass a night) to be any use to her.  Shame.  I could have been famous.  Damn, if only I drank wine every night.
Yup.  Turns out that most mammies sit down after getting the kids to bed and the house tidied to have a glass of wine and watch whatever their poison is on telly.  
I get the kids to bed and the house tidied and surf the web.  My way of relaxing is to fall down the rabbit hole of google. 
But maybe it has something to do with my tipple of choice?  I'm a whiskey drinker (I also like tequila - strong flavours??).  Occasionally I drink wine but . . . gives me a headache and I get hammered on it.  Jesus, nothing like a wine hangover, shudder.
Maybe I'm very boring or maybe it's because I'm prone to migraine (hangover is just another headache after all) or maybe it's because my da drank. .. I don't know but for whatever reason I seem to be one of the few women who don't sit down in the evening to a glass of wine.  I don't even have wine with my Sunday roast!!  Feel like I'm on the margins here. 
Have posted on Face book to see if I'm all alone here.  Not that I mind being on my own but surely not everyone sits down with a glass of  Chardonnaysauvignon blanc,  pinot grigio (although I do like a glass of Pinot in the summer) or . . . I dunno, don't drink wine remember?  Can't remember all the different types. 
Himself and myself will have the odd beer, especially if it's sunny and night time.  I love a cold beer, I love drinking with friends but for some insane reason I don't like drinking at home. Even when friends come over, I'll have a few drinks with them and then STOP.  I'll make sure they're well looked after but I'm grand thanks.  If I go to other people's houses, same thing.  To me it's all about going into town.  The Saturday before my birthday last year myself and Himself legged it into the Stag's Head to have a drink before noon.  It was such a novelty to be both in town and having a drink.  Normally one of us is driving or the kids are with us and there is no fun in having a Jemmie if you're being hassled by cries of 'I'm bored'.  Besides which I don't like kids in pubs.  
So?  Am I boring or simply another side to the coin of drinking in Ireland?  Surely not every women is sliding into a bottle of vino every night?  

Let me know, will ya?


  1. I have a gin, myself, but there's no tv fame in that either.

  2. No. us spirit drinkers don't seem to court. lol.

  3. Don't drink wine either, nor do i drink much at home. Where does that leave us?

  4. The way the reporter was telling it . . we're few and far between!?