08 April, 2012

Piss Panic

We spent the afternoon in the in-laws house eating dinner and then eating Easter Eggs.  None of us wanted to eat them but they looked so tempting, chocolately tempting - it was hard to resist so we didn't.
On the way home, with a car full of hyper kids, we started talking about how no. 3 once pissed in the kitchen.  I was sitting here watching something on telly when he came down, walked over towards the kitchen counter and peed!  He then burst into tears and I got him back up to bed again.
No. 1 has woken up to find no. 3 peeing on his floor!!
And, occasionally, we all wake up to find no. 3 crying and running around in circles (scaring the shit out of everyone - there is nowt as horrible as waking to find, as no. 1 did, a child crying and screaming in your bedroomn) before being guided into the loo.
No. 2 has christened it 'Piss Panic'.
I like it.

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