07 April, 2012

That time of year again.

Every year I throw them away and then end up, the following year, stumped for ideas.  This year, I got clever. I've taken a photograph to remind me of the clues I've done up for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Even better I've told the lads that they have to come to us for the first clue and that they can't go rampaging through the house when they first wake up.  Like last year.  Kids were chocolate-d out before myself and Himself had even properly opened our eyes.  
I got kind've drunk last Easter in the in-laws where we'd gone for dinner.  I only had one drink though, at least that's how it felt.  You know how it is when someone else is filling your wine glass!  Myself and the lovely Clo got happily tipsy and when no one was looking I picked up my Easter Egg and cadged a lift off the Brother in law, leaving Himself to round up the kids.
Good times.  As no. 3 would say.  Good times.

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