14 May, 2012

I'll never be able to look A. in the eye again.....

Which is kind've crap 'cos I see him every day during school run!!

As a woman you get to chat to your GP about allsorts.  Everything from bleugh periods to lumpy boobs, trush and then there's the smear tests.  You get used to it.  You think nothing will faze you.  At least I thought nothing would ever faze me with my lovely GP, A, until today.
I'm on anti-depressants as I get controlling and angst-y.  I worry too much and my brain overfills.  I came off them for quite a while but decided I was a happier camper whilst on them.  So back I went to the GP last January and got some new drugs to try.   They work insofar as I no longer feel worried but they don't work in one other area.  Hence the following conversation:
A.  So, new drugs, huh?
Me.  Yes, they're not really working.  I mean, I'm happier but, er, erm ...........................er.
A.  ?????
Me.  Well, you know how they can, er, kill your sex drive????
A.  Oh.  Yes, of course.  Yes.  They can.  Yes.
Me. Well, er, they've not really killed it.  I mean, I'm still into it.  It's just ..................
A.  ??????????? Eyebrows raised??????????????/
Me. Covering face and blushiing from the tips of my toes to the tips of my hair.
A.  Just what?
Me.  Okay-so-it's-like-I-can-get-started-but-I-don't-finish-the-race,if-you-know-what-I-mean-like????

Yup.  I went to my doctor and asked for new drugs because I've lost my big 'Oh'.  Was mortified.  In fact I was so mortified I went on to explain how I've searched everywhere for it and how 'searching like that' starts to hurt after a while and how it wasn't even behind the sofa.  I told him we'd tried all sorts.  I told him that my pal, K, had told me to get a dirty movie and er, have fun.  I told him I got so fed up looking for it I faked an orgasm  with myself!!!!
I told him I couldn't find my 'oh' behind the sofa!!  Morto!!!


  1. At least you could find the starting line!

  2. Hahah, jesus, and it's the little things we need to keep us smiling.