03 May, 2012

A mickey and a full bladder.

You know that cake page I'm on?  The one where we are allegedly all friends, buddies even?  Well bloody hell I don't know what happened to them today but suddenly nearly everyone is bitching and whinging at each other.
One wants to leave because she thinks she's not liked, she does have issues with anger and gets overwrought.  Another asked if she was a 'shit stirrer' and was told 'yes', funnily enough I don't mind the stirring but I do object to being touched by her. She had a manky eye last time I saw her.  Someone else is making cakes in the nude and half of them are now hammered.  
Now, you and I know that they're not always nice - remember the doll pictures they posted.  Lots of doll pictures!!  If I call Bob Bridget she sends me images of dolls set to look like the human centipede (I really wish I didn't know what the human centipede was).  It's meant to be a nice place where we can all go and chat and debate and tear each other a new one if we get into a bad mood.  Which, apparently, is what happened tonight.  
But it's really funny.
I shouldn't laugh but jesus, it's so funny when everyone is wound uptight and moaning and they can't see that they're being muppets.  But you can.  See they're muppets that is.
I told them I was seizing the site (and was promptly removed as admin!!  Which, incidentally, was completely unnecessary as I don't know how to do any of the admin stuff) and no one was allowed say a thing until they'd had either a cup of tea or a ride.
They kind've giggled.  
There is a super full moon coming up and I reckon it has everyone in the horrors.  Which may explain why I took off out of the estate, sorry, development today like a bat out of hell. Don't you hate when people park on corners??
May also explain why no. 3 sobbed and pleaded starvation twenty minutes after his dinner.  Could also be responsible for  Billy having a go at no. 1.  No. 3 just burst into tears for no reason at 7.45pm???
Anyway, cakers are obviously mental and should be avoided around the time of a full moon.  Or when they have their periods.  Which seems to be RIGHT now.

p.s. They're all waiting for me to tell them a story about a mickey and a full bladder. Shall have to come up with something quick as only told them that to quieten them down. They're like kids. Honestly.