15 June, 2012

Disappointed? Ya reckon?

About a year ago, 18 months to be precise, I had my wedding ring remade.  It cost me a fortune but it was worth it as I love my ring and I loved the fact I was combining my ma's wedding ring with mine and making it even more precious to me.
A couple of weeks back I met G for cake delivering and gallivanting and we got talking about wedding rings and I showed her mine, only to discover one of the stones was missing.  I didn't quite burst into tears but I wasn't far off it.
I dropped the ring back to the shop and said ".. .  story?  Stone missing!  Ring less than 18 months old and worn less than 18 times probably!"  I got a quote back and it was a bit expensive so I said 'leave it with me'. Today I went into the jewellers and they said it will cost €100 to fix my ring.  
Am I crazy in expecting something that was made especially for me to last forever?  Am I right in being annoyed that my beautiful ring is now in pieces.  The price is 'to replace the stone'.  Which apparently is my problem.  Surely not?  I mean, I paid a lot of money to have something made for me.  I provided all the raw materials and still paid a lot of money.  I am bloody furious that the jeweller is not even trying to meet me halfway here.  
If one of my cakes came apart, and it's happened, I've repaired it and offered a refund.  This is my wedding ring and when the new stone is in it won't be 'my ring' anymore.

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