10 August, 2012

C'mon in, the water is lovely

Actually, it took a while to get over to the chill but it was eventually lovely.  Myself, two of mine and the borrowed boy (along with the sister and the menace) all went to Portmarnock Beach today and it was bliss.  I decided before we left for the beach that this time I WAS bringing my togs (normally I moan that I don't have them and 'doesn't the sea look lovely?') and I was getting into the sea.  
Am so glad I did.  The Borrowed Boy however turned a rather dazzling shade of blue after 15 minutes and had to be wrapped up in a towel and then another towel and then another.  
The niece (denise?) soaked up a substantial amount of the sea with her nappy and shrieked when you looked crooked at her.  
No. 2 topped up his tan and no. 3 decided he's starting a shell collection.  He's also going o make a necklace for someone really, really, especially special.  
I hope it's me.

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