14 August, 2012

Happy birthday

Did you know the IFI is 20 years old soon?  I hadn't until Ms. Crl reminded me and we had a laugh remembering all the films we've seen and fun we've had.  I thought I was so much more sophisticated than my friends.  I mean, I went to see foreign language films!!  I read subtitles and loved it, how grown up was I?  Wish I was only 20.  Ssssh, I'm hitting 40 this year so I grew up in that cinema.  Got drunk in it, laughed and cried in it. Kissed in it.  Cackled and put the world to rights (in the way only twenty year olds can) in that place.
The first movie I saw there was Enchanted April.  The second was Betty Blue, that was at Easter.  I saw both of those movies with the above Ms. Crl.  We ate her easter egg, that she'd gotten off her ma, during Betty Blue.  First time I ever ate Haagen Daz was in that place.  Mini tubs and, again, because the ads were racy, I felt ever so grown up.
Then I saw Betty Blue again, months later, with my now husband and fell in love with it again.  Fell in love with him too in that cinema.  Thanks to the great food and great bar I had a great time whenever I went to the IFI (or the IFC as it was back in the day).  
The night we went to see Leolo I was mortified when the boy, I think, tried to kill his granddad by dragging him out of the bath and his sudsy willy was all over the screen.  Jaysus, I hadn't even seen the boyfriend's at this point.  I was very niaive, easily embarrassed and young.  It lashed rain, it was May and I threw away my umbrella and the boyfriend, now husband, laughed and said I was nucking futs and that he loved me.  Sigh.
Funniest moment was Himself trying to order tickets for Jambon Jambon.  He said 'er, can I have two tickets for, ehm, Jam-on, Jam .. that one (pointing behind the guys head).  He said 'Jamon' like Jam-On, you know, as in: Would you like jam on that bread?  Not Haaaamon Haaaamon in a sexy accent.
Happy Anniversary to the IFI.
p.s. Our kids love it there.  They also love the chips!!

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