09 February, 2013

I met a pal today

For coffee.  I met a mate for coffee.  It was lovely, she bought me lunch to say thanks for something I did for her.  Which now sounds very er, misleading, when you see where this post is going to go.
I am a 40 year old woman and I once kissed a girl.  It was nice, no stubble, but I didn't know what to do with my hands and there were far too many boobs.  So, I guess, it wasn't my thing.  I was very flattered though as your woman was gorgeous. 
So, back to today.  Myself and my pal were talking/speculating about a couple we know.  We know they are a couple but, for their own reasons, they don't want anyone to know they are a couple.  If you know what I mean.  Anyway, we got erm, on to sex.  Or rather, how do Lesbians have sex?  I really hope not to offend but I always imagine it (hm-mmmm, sounds naughty, huh?) to be like prolonged foreplay.  
We then started thinking/talking about . . that.  I mean, personally, there's a bit of jiggery pokery and then he er, drops the hand and away you go.  Same for my pal actually.  We both said so.  At the same time.  Big giggles.
So, he drops the hand and, if you are lucky, you have a good seeing to.   
Anyway, yeah, we (me and my mate) love each other very, very much but not like that!  We did give each other a very awkward hug when we said goodbye to each other.  Cackle, far too many boobs.  
I then asked a number of friends what they thought.  They asked 'have you been drinking?'.  They sent me clips of Sex and the City (where Samantha gets it on with the gorgeous Brazilian) and said . . "Toys?"  Sounds like a lot of work.  
I like a lazy shag.  The one where you have all the work done for you and have to do nothing in return.  Happy sigh.
Just realised that we were also talking about friends with benefits.  The only benefits that we gain from each other is cake tins.  Cackle.

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