03 February, 2013

Say WHAT????

Last night there was a surprise party for my mate, Ger, I'll tell you about that later.  It was great but one of the highlights was staying in Karen's house and getting her famous Sunday fry up.  Oh God, but it's gorgeous.  Sigh.  This is my second one and I am aiming for another one at some point on the future.  
May have to eat slightly less of it though as later on, on our way back to Weston Airport, to collect my car we had the following conversation:
Me: Yeah, I've wanted to go up in a glider ever since I saw that film, you know the one . .. em, it was made, originally, with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunnaway and then later with Pierce Brosnan and  .  . er  . . . what was that movie called?
Karen:  Oh yeah, I know the one, Jesus, what was it called?  Er . .  .Oh, anyway, years ago myself and Rob went up in a glider.  It's amazing, so quiet.  Poor Rob didn't catch a thermal but I did and was up for about half an hour.  Wonderful stuff.
Me:  Yeah, one day.  Thing is, I'm worried that my arse is too wide for the plane.
Karen:  Ah no.  They are very roomy!
Huh??  Like really?  Hmmm, wide enough for my arse.  That's nearly as bad as 'too fat for cheese'.

p.s. The movie?  The Thomas Crown Affair!

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