04 March, 2013


Woke up this morning in the throes of labour.  Imagine my horror as I'm not pregnant!  Just my imagination and subconscious readdressing the balance in our household by having me giving birth to no. 3.  Graphically and painfully, far more so than the real event to be honest.
Now I am ending the day in a game of 'you said, I said' with someone I quoted for a cake.  She is misreading what I said or the emails got crossed or I don't know but I am peeved by the whole thing. 
You know what?  I'm going to take myself to bed.  
Wish to Jesus there was some chocolate in the house but there is none.  Only Billy's dog chocolates and they are rotten.  Not chocolate at all.  I know because myself and Harry, in a fit of chocolate lust, ate one each.   

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