15 June, 2013


Arthur is finishing up in Infant School this year and it's terribly sad (terrible, terrible, terrible - Oscar) so he got to have his last big birthday party.  They each get three big ones (we didn't plan this, it just kind've happened that way) and this was his last one.
His first one with this gang was to the cinema and it was bloody mental.  We assumed every four/five year old regularly went to the cinema and took fourteen of Arthur's pals with us ... waaaaaaaaay back in the day.  I never brought a cake.  The kids were disgusted, even more disgusted when I explained that I don't do party bags.  "Huh? No bag??"  "s-s-sob .. . no bag?"  
Long story short, the kids were fucking mental and needed to pee every two sodding minutes and we swore never again.  That thought lasted  a year.  Last year it was Really Grand Events i.e. Mr. Paul Furey entertaining the kids and that was brilliant.  Would love the power to hold that many kids attention in the palm of my hand the way he does.  The fact that he is a magician probably helps!
So this year, the last party (terrible, terrible, terrible - Oscar) we had Kinsealy Pet Store come in, with various animals, to entertain the masses.  Thing was, they weren't going to be here until 4pm   They weren't going to be here until 4pm and I'd lost my voice.  Three cheers for Ms. K who helped me out with the many,  many boys and one girl on the green.  We played chasing, we allowed ourselves to be caught and we leaned on the bench drinking gin and tonics.  Happy days.
Brought kids into house, applied cream to ease nettle stings (nothing like telling young fellas, and one girl, to stay out of the bushes to make them go INTO the bushes and get stung.  Repeatedly) and fed them.  Then the lads arrived.  The wonderful Ciaran and Eric.  Yup, two lovely chaps and a van full of creatures.  We had chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, a hedgehog, corn snakes (love) and a big boa constrictor.  We also had beardies and tortoises and every kid had something to have and hold and pet before getting bored and wandering off to find something else to have, hold and pet.
The kids had no fear, like, none whatsoever.  One or two were a bit wary but most had a blast.  I forgot to take a photo of the cake (would've looked great on our site, doh) but got a photo of every kid there holding the boa.  Including the ones of Arthur.  Cackle, don't you love the way, at the start, he looks happy enough but, towards the last shots, his little cheeks are being squeezed up into his hair.  Cackle. 
Oh, and the little shites were still giving out about the non appearance of party bags.
Long snake or small family?
No way!!  I don't believe ssssshe sssssaid that
Cackle, the infamous Ms. K . .. now, start humming that song to 
yourself, you know the one, I'm a Slave 4 U, doesn't she look just like Brittany?

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