04 October, 2013

A gorgeous surprise

Don't know how we ended up at the park but it was a nice walk.  Actually, how did we end up there???  All I can remember now is that it was sunny and we had doughnuts and yeah, suddenly we were there.  
The coolest playground ever.  
Queen Victoria Gardens.  Right beside the House of Commons and Big Ben (which is the name of the Bell, which is sat on St. Stephen's Tower and the clock is called Elizabeth - so says No. 3 anyway).  The Thames flows by and it was just lovely.
The kids had a blast and I think everyone should go there.  Never mind the cool musical bouncy thing or the cool spinning thing.  It has a pump so you can create your own river.  
p.s. Himself nearly broke his er, bollox trying to spin No. 1 faster than faster.

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