10 October, 2013


This week I have one cake and one cake alone.  It's funny how you forget that you hated cakes last week, when you had three and longed for a week with one .. . only, to find yourself bored with the one cake this week.  Isn't it?
Due to boredom, I've already made two Halloween witches for practice this week, myself and no. 2 decided to start practicing for Halloween.  I had bought the liquid latex, we had tissue, brushes, make up and watched numerous "create zombie slasher type wounds" on youtube so we were good to go.
Whilst putting it all together No. 3 started to get a bit panicky.  By the time I was finished he was a gibbering wreck.  No. 1 and No. 2 both thought it was 'Ace'.  I rang Karen and said, "sent you a photo, have a goo and tell me what you think",  cackle, she loved it as much as I did.  Whilst I was chatting to her I heard Himself come in the front door.  "Here" she says, "go and pretend you've hurt yourself" so I did.  I tucked the phone under my ear, grabbed a tea towel, gave the nod to No. 2 and ran into the hallway shouting "Darren, I've hurt my arm, I'm hurt"
Well, if I ever needed proof that he loves me I got it there and then.  Both the precious phone and earphones were flung on the floor, as was his bag, bowels and my bag of icing.  He kind've did a jig on the spot and kept going "Oh jesus, oh jesus" ..... . . ..  so I whispered to Karen "I'll ring you back" showed Himself it was fake and then watched him slowly slide down the wall whilst myself and No. 2 nearly wet ourselves laughing. 
We eventually stopped laughing about 15 minutes later which was roughly the time Himself was able to stand up.  By the time 30 minutes had passed he had more or less stopped shaking.  Today he just gives the odd nervous giggle every now and then.
Yup, Himself was lying against the wall, No. 2 was laughing with me whilst No. 3 was in tears (of terror) and No. 1 just kept playing Fifa.
Roll on Halloween and hey, cross your fingers I never burn myself.  He will never, ever believe me again.

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