12 October, 2013

The joy of being older (i.e. less worried about what other people think)

Last weekend I went to Galway on a Geraghty Road Trip to help Breda of the Ribbon Shack and I'll tell you all about that in another post I'm working on but I just had to show you this.  I don't often feel gorgeous but god, I felt gorgeous walking into the sea last Saturday.  
I had gone for a paddle, the sea was too hard to resist, and, as I turned back to Karen and Anne (the Geraghtys I was road tripping with) I got hit from behind by a wave.  Seeing as how I was already wet . . . yup, before you knew it, the bra was off and so was I.

Yeah, I felt gorgeous and, even if I wasn't, the sea was worth it.

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