21 April, 2015

....if you keep fighting you are all up for adoption!

Today, whilst trying to remember what time I had to be relaxing having coffee with friends, I got so wound up trying to email, talk on the phone and make a TARDIS that the noise from the playroom was doing my head in.
Shrieking and fighting and bashing off things, ffs, do they not know there is more to my every day life than them?
So, in I went.  I stood in the doorway, hands on hips whilst all three faces turned to me....

"Stop fucking fighting", I roared.  "Get your shit together or I'm putting you up for adoption!!"

Little fuckers just flicked their tails and went into their box and snickered darkly about how loopy their human is.  Sodding rats, you either love them or hate them.

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