12 June, 2015

I am a bad blogger

I really am.  Funny things have been happening, tedious things too . . . I just haven't told you any of it.  
I bought a new laptop though so, touch wood, I shall be blogging away merrily from the sofa in the near future.  I'm blaming the 'held together with sellotape and spit' laptop that you couldn't move from the table for fear of it falling apart on my lack of blogging.  Something very bleagh about being made sit at the table to write.  I feel like I'm being punished or made do my homework.

Right, going to have a hoosh through photos and see what's what, shall tell you about the new dog (who has been living with us for 7 months now) and how we can no longer watch the telly or dvds as the wagon has eaten all the remote controls.

Oh, about the whack a mole rat, how no. 2 pushed no. 3 and blamed the not very christian Christian and how BOB rang to say she was lost! 

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