31 August, 2010

The oddest conversation ever!!

Whilst walking through a car park on our way for coffee this morning - after dropping off my last baby at school - Darren partook of the strangest conversation ever.  And I do mean EVER.

Darren: I know that fella, "Howiya Phillip".
'Phillip':  "Colm".
Darren: "Nah, it's Darren".

Darren ". . . actually, I don't think his name was Phillip ..."  Me:  "Colm, by any chance?"  Darren:  "Cackle, yeah, yeah, Colm."


  1. doh ..now I understand!!I thought I understood earlier but clearly not!!!

  2. Doh! Hey, our brains aren't wired properly at the mo. Coffee Thurs or Fri?