31 August, 2010

Back to school

Took the kids to the beach last night to tire them out, also had (possibly) our last picnic of the summer there too and it was lovely.  Kids were shattered and easily led to the bath and then to bed.  Whereupon me and the man ripped the house apart trying to find the sodding school shirts I bought for #1 at the start of the month.  Didn't find them so he went to school in a shirt aged 7-8 (he's 9 1/2) and strict instructions to NOT take his jumper off.  He still managed to get pulled over by the witch and told to tuck it in.  Him and several others I might add but I have a feeling their shirts might actually have been long enough to hang out over their trousers.
No. 2 went in no bother and no. 3 was happy enough larking around in his uniform until it was just him left and time for him to go into his classroom.  Ooooooh, I didn't cry but I wanted to and he didn't cry although he looked close.  Then that was that.  Free.  The youngest of 3 is now in school.  We did it!  So went for coffee, had a bizarre conversation and then bought new school shirts before dashing off to get boys 3, 2 and 1.  Spent most of morning in car.  Going to cook something special for dinner to celebrate this great occasion. 


  1. ..they are super photos. Tear in my eye this morning when I met your youngest when he was rubbing his hands together all excited. Lets hope it keeps up for the next 14yrs!!!!!!

  2. heheh, that's the thing. He asked if he had to go to school every day. Said he did and he said for how long? And I said. . . foreverrrrrrrr.