28 September, 2010

Finally. The Flea!!

Finally, getting a moment to tell you about mine and Carol's flea experience last Sunday.  We had a ball.  We were also very knackered at the end of it.  We also realised we'd made a whopping €350 flogging all our stuff.  We should have sold Carol's ma's shoes for a lot more than €4 but who were we to know that there would be so many people out there with wide fitting size 8 feet!!!  Seriously.  In fact, one woman said we'd made her day.  "Fat clothes and big shoes", she said.  "Well, you've bloody well gone and ruined ours ya mare" we muttered under our breath.  Actually, I think it's fair to say we used stronger language.  Fat fucking clothes indeed.  Y'mean normal size clothes, doncha missus?  Know what she means though.  Everything I go to the flea I wish I were a size . . . what's a beanpole? . . . .  so I could wear some of the beautiful clothes inside. 
L also bought us our lunch and Carol got a cool cube table whilst I got this beauty:

It cost me next to nothing at all (hiding price from him on the other side of the kitchen) and it's beautiful.  Plus, thanks to the lovely Ingo across the road it is now lovely and clean and bang on the money with regard to weighing stuff.  There is a word for that, calabrate??, but not sure of the spelling.  Besides which you do know how I like to talk etc.  At the moment I'm using it for eggs but isn't it lovely.  Shall put up photos of it when I spray it a different colour, was going to go for something mental but have decided it's a design classic therefore it should stay much as it is.  Am paying Ingo for his services in cake.  Would make him a bigger cake but he frickin' legged it when a spider crawled out of the scales when he opened it up.  He may be a man and a half but he's a man who is afraid of spiders. 
So, back to flea.  We sold dvds (ta Darren) and toys (ta, kids) and various odds and sods lying around our respective houses.  I recommend it to everyone.  You'll have a laugh, make some cash and be totally knackered but on a high at the end of it all.  The only 'funny' thing was how the young wans, the skinny, hip girls were so unfriendly.  Most of the stall holders were up for a laugh and a chat but the skinny-hip girls next to us and at the top of our row were arses.  Nothing friendly about them at all.  Maybe if you're skinny it means you've had to ditch your 'friendly' bones or something.  Don't care though as we had a ball.  L came in for a chat and bought us lunch (yeah, I know, I've already said that but it's worth mentioning again as it was falafel).  D brought in nos. 1, 2, and 3 and # 3 was insistent on buying a book off me.  A book that # 1 quickly realised was his.  That realisation caused hin to look carefully through our wares to discern exactly how much of his stuff we were selling.  He wanted a cut.  Told him to feck off.  Tis my money.  I earned it.  So did Carol.  We will do it again.  Maybe not today. Maybe not tormorrow.  But soon.  Yup, soon.  Christmas is coming up and with christmas comes all sorts of presents that . . . er . . . can be sold to buy things you really like.  Happy, happy days. 
 Me and L's baby, Conor, when people tried to haggle we said 'ah love, the baby, we have to feed the baby', always got us a laugh and the price we were looking for.
My shoes, sigh, well, I could remember exactly how much I paid for them so I begged a tenner of anyone who bought them.  Managed to sell 2 pairs at a tenner each.  Not bad.   
Carol, Conor and Me.  I look like a short-arse.  Was she wearing heels?  Hmmm.  I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again.  EVERYONE needs a Carol in their lives.  Whenever we go anywhere that requires a cup of tea at some point she always has a flask AND sugar for me!!  Seriously.  A friend who brings sugar in her handbag for you is worth their weight in gold. 
 This would be Carol's stash of magazines.  They flew out.  Everyone loves a good goo at house-y magazines they just hate paying full whack for them.  Wow, if we added up how much . . Carol .. (am mentally adding here)  has spent . .  on magazines over . . . the past  . . . fucking hell, she could have  bought a house!!!!!!
Lovely photos by Ms. Urban Stems herself.  On her very cool hispanic camera.  Aagh, it's not hispanic it's hipstamatic??  Or something.  I do listen Ms. U.Stems,  I do. 

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  1. You do you do you do!! Great post! I am already looking forward to next months flea x