27 September, 2010

I seem to be running a day late!

Today is Sunday, I should be telling you all about the fabulous Flea Market.  Myself and Carol took a stand.  Deadly buzz, man.  But I'm going to tell you about that tomorrow as I want to hussle a certain lady for photos.  Photos were I look good.  Very happy camper.  In short though, we sold €340 worth of stuff that's been lying around our houses.  We'll defo do it again as it was a blast.  One of the highlights for me was getting to cuddle Conor for an age while L caught up with S and then catch up with S & L myself.  Blast of a day but I'll tell ya one thing, I'm knackered now. But more on that tomorrow.
Yesterday was Tilly's big day.  She was being christened and didn't cry at all.  Unlike her godfather who looked close to tears when standing at the font.  Then it was a dash across Malahide to get to the hotel where everyone got to catch up with everyone else.  I made the cake, looks fabulous don't you think? and the kids got to order their own food and have their faces painted.  At the same time I might add.  It was a lovely day and just rams home how much I'm going to miss the McCann family when they head to Oz.  Why do the weirdos stay and the nice people move on?  Totally unfair. 
Harry was gutted that he couldnt' have roast beef and had to settle for chips (hard life, eh?) and N. is now panicking at the high standard of 'do' that happens after a christening.  We shall be waiting expectantly for our grub come December pal!
Nowt else to report really.  Didn't go out last night to the 'official' going away party as was too darn tired so stayed in and watched Galaxy Quest and then staggered off to bed early enough.  Starting to feel like a right aul' wan.  I mean, c'mon. I can (so) remember the days when you'd be peeved if there was nothing going on on a Saturday night.  Now I'm afraid there will be something on and I'll have to roll off sofa and leave cosy, comfy, getting ready for winter home.  Yup.  Aul' wan.
Anyway, party was brilliant.  Met lovely people and a little lady who refuses point blank to allow anyone to brush her hair stayed patiently still and happy whilst a complete stranger painted her face!!!  Grrrrrr. 
Will be livlier in tomorrow's post when I tell you all about the flea and hint at the happy secret I'm sitting on at the moment.  Don't you love happy secrets?  I do.



  1. Happy secret..woo hoo! The cake is amazing. x

  2. Lovely secret. Ta, re: cake. Wasn't sure and kept messing with it. Leopard spots c'mon down.